Friday, September 19, 2014

4-087, "His Little Child"

The commandant was stern with his reply.  “I want you to tell me!”

After muttering more curses and fussing that it had already told the others, the creature grudgingly obeyed.  “My lord has business with a bad man.  His business, not yours.”  It then softly cooed, “I am his little child.  Good child… nice to pretty boys.”  It extended its hand, slowly pawing the air.  There was a sharp cry and the hand vanished under the creature’s ragged garment.  It unleashed some more curses and then… “Not hungry, not hungry now.”

The commandant spoke up bravely, but his voice could not hide the trepidation.  “We won’t let you hurt Cephas.”

The creature jumped and thrashed it arms about. “Don’t say its name, its name!”  The creature cried in pain.  “Call it ‘Talker’, ‘Talker’!”  It began to utter oaths and call out incantations, apparently warding off some sort of evil because the man’s name had been spoken aloud.

It soon calmed, satisfied that any possible danger was now passed.  The creature shook its head.  “Not hurt bad man.  Not hurt him.  You can do that, do that tomorrow.”  It giggled.  “Yes, yes, that’s for you.  Must talk to bad man tonight!  While he still lives.”

The creature again fumed with disgust.  “He insults the gods!”  It then reassured them.  “Just talk, yes, talk business, my master’s business.”

The creature turned and motioned with its hands.  “Be Patient!  Patient… I say.  Don’t hurt them… I promised you wouldn’t hurt them.”  Turning back to the men, it clasped its hands and waited.

Although fearful, the commandant remembered the coins.  “The money, what of the money… the thirteen coins that brings a curse?  And what of the gold you promised?”

Laughter filled the cold night air.  “Yes… gold… gold money for the good boys… and more silver.”  It held up its bony fingers.  “Three more silver coins… Three!  Bring good luck to little boys.”

The creature’s voice suddenly became threatening.  “But first business.  Must do Master’s business.  Now!  Or Master will not be kind to little boys.”

The three men huddled in deep discussion over what they should do.  If they received no more money, then a curse would surely befall them, but if the prisoner were hurt, the governor would throw them to the lions, or even worse.  They also reasoned if they didn’t allow the creature in, it might put a spell on Cephas, possibly killing him.  Then they would be thrown to the lions anyway.  After several minutes of arguing, it was concluded they best chance the witch.  At least there was a possibility the creature would hold up its end of the bargain.

 The commandant finally motioned the creature forward.  When it got close, he asked, “You promise no funny stuff… not to hurt him?  You promise us more money, too?”

“Yes!  Yes!”  It sputtered impatiently.  “And more money for good little boys, too.  But first business!  Master’s business!”

The commandant gave orders to the first guard.  “You stay here and watch.” while he told the other to come with him.

The first guard complained about being left alone.  The commandant silenced him with a few expletives and threats, after which he ordered, “Now keep a good watch and don’t fall asleep!”

*    *    *

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