Friday, September 19, 2014

4-088, Sacrifice Without Reward

“Remember, my Dear, there is a reward beyond this life for those who remain loyal to Yehowah.  You must be willing to sacrifice all things for it.”

Ishtar could hear her uncle’s words echo in her head over and over again.  Each time they did, her pain would ease, freeing her mind to think.

“Yes, Uncle, I know. But I need no reward.  I love my God.  I will serve him without reward.”  How many times had that statement crossed her lips?  Was that really so, or had she only said it to impress others?

There was a sudden rustling near her.  Ishtar’s eyes popped open in fright.  The dim, golden glow from a light filled the cell.  Who was there?  Was Perk returned to ravish her again?  The girl’s heart pounded from her rising panic.  She squeezed her eyes shut, afraid of seeing Perk’s garish grin.  Nothing…  No foul voice or brutish hands mauling her flesh…  Nothing.  All remained silent.

Eventually, the girl’s curiosity overcame her fears.  She needed to know what was happening.  Her heart needed to know what fate was to befall it, should it explode within her chest.  Cautiously and ever so slowly she pushed up and back onto her knees.  Still nothing.  Gathering her courage, she opened her eyes.  Nothing.  No shadows or sounds… just a comforting, golden glow filling the room.

‘Strange...’  Ishtar could see no lamp or torch.  In fact, the light source seemed to be everywhere and nowhere.  She rubbed her eyes, thinking herself dreaming.  The light remained, still illuminating the room.  But where was it coming from?  Seeing no sign of its source only made the girl more determined to find what was making the light.  Ishtar struggled to stand, moaning as she did.

The golden light shone out from her cell into the darkness of the prison, but from where?  Ignoring her pain, the girl began to explore for the source of the light, searching the nooks and crannies everywhere in the little cell.  She was stooped down in a far corner when the sound of a gentle footfall echoed in her ear.  Sucking in her breath and then crying aloud in fright, Ishtar spun around, terrified of who she might see.  Words cannot describe the shock she felt.

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