Friday, September 19, 2014

4-090, Reality Altered

The woman held up a gown, similar to hers.  “Here, my lovely one, take this.  Put it on and come with me.”

With the woman’s assistance, Ishtar managed to dress.  The gown’s fabric was iridescent and shimmered with rich hues of blue, green and gold. It also had two silver brooches that glittered in the golden light.  The woman then drew out two golden sandals like her own and slipped them over Ishtar’s feet.

She grinned with delight. “There!  You’re now ready for our stroll.”  She gently pulled Ishtar from the cell.

As she walked along the passages, Ishtar noticed how quiet it was.  Everyone, even the guard, was fast asleep.  But what was even more spectacular was that the golden light remained in their company, illuminating the rooms and hallways they passed.  No person barred their path. Even the heavy iron door was swung fully open.  The two gingerly stepped over one of the sleeping guards as they exited onto the foggy street.

The woman glanced around, lifting her head up as if smelling the breeze.  Her voice filled with urgency.  “Come along… quickly!  This fleeting hour will soon pass.  Much there is to do and so little time to do it.”  She pulled Ishtar along, and both disappeared into the fog.

The fog was so thick, Ishtar could not tell how far they had traveled, nor did she know how long a time they walked until coming out of it.  When it broke, she saw they were standing on a little hill overlooking a broad, moonlit valley, filled with the smells and delights of a warm spring evening.

The woman permitted the girl little time to luxuriate in the tapestries of the delights surrounding them.  She squeezed her hand. “Ishtar, my sweet one, we must talk.”  Ishtar was so caught up in the moment, the woman had to repeat herself twice more before getting the girl’s attention.

Reluctantly, Ishtar pulled herself away from this enchanting dream world.  “I’m sorry, but I have never seen such…”  She was stunned into silence.  The light that was accompanying them was now emanating from the woman.  Her skin and clothing radiated with a golden glow, lighting the area around them.  “Wha…  Wha…  Your…  Who ar…”  Ishtar stared into the woman’s emerald green eyes, reedy pools of green so deep.  She felt another universe must be hidden within those eyes.

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