Friday, September 19, 2014

4-089, Vision OR Dream?

A young woman appearing no older than her stood just outside the prison cell.  A smiling, gentle face crowned with dark hair was pressed to the bars.  The light revealed her ivory-colored silky-smooth skin wrapped in a white satin sleeveless gown, pinned at the shoulders by two silver brooches. Twinkling, emerald-green eyes of almost hypnotic brilliance were peering at her.

Ishtar stared in disbelief and surprise.  The woman did not move, nor did she speak.  Who was this person?  Was this only a vision or a dream?  Was the girl dead and gone to her promised glory?  Was this her soul looking back at her as it prepared to leave for other worlds?  The girl began to drift toward the haunting enchantress, extending her hand as if it were leading her along.

Slowly she drew near until her face nearly touched the woman’s.  Ishtar knew not whether it was seconds or an eternity that the two remained there, eye to eye, frozen in time.  A spell held the girl in its grip, refusing to give her release.  All the while she could feel some kind of energy flowing into her beaten body, soothing her heart and mind.

The woman finally broke the spell.  In a musical voice and talking just above a whisper, she spoke to the girl.  “ Ishtar, I must have a word with you.”

Startled, Ishtar stepped back.  The woman quietly opened the cell door and stepped in.  Ishtar marveled with awe at watching this person.  The grace and beauty of the woman entering was beyond description.  The fluidity of her movements could not be described as walking, but more like a drifting swan on a summer breeze.  And her beauty was so great the girl’s heart started to burn with such a passion she feared it might burst.  She stood transfixed, unable to remove hers eyes from this magnificent goddess.

The woman reached out a hand, touching Ishtar’s shoulder and, with two fingers, let it drift down to the girl’s elbow.  A raging fire and a freezing cold raced through Ishtar, starting at her shoulder and spreading like a tidal wave across the girl’s flesh.  The woman’s fingers continued down the girl’s arm, stopping at her open palm.  She then reached out with her other hand and cupped the girl’s between hers.

An ecstasy of emotion erupted in Ishtar’s head, and her heart filled with joyous passion the likes of which the girl had never experienced.  Was this feeling the same as a woman enraptured in the arms of her lover?  It was but a fleeting thought as Ishtar was swept along in this surge of intoxicating joy.  The rush of emotion crested with the girl’s cry of delight and then slowly ebbed, leaving her feeling satisfied and refreshed.

Gone were the earlier terrors of the night, having drifted away like some nearly forgotten dream.  Perk’s evil was little more than a memory, horrid and chilling… but still only a memory.  She felt clean.  ‘The peace that excels all thought...’ - those were the only words she could think of – ‘The peace that excels all thought.’  She then glanced down and received another shock.  The child was clean, cleaner than if she had bathed.

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