Friday, September 19, 2014

1-008, 'This Council Meeting Is A Secret'

She spread her arms wide, drawing both her companions close, speaking in little more than a whisper, confiding, “I told no one I was coming.  This council meeting is secret, at least it is to be for the moment.  I believe my lieutenants are trustworthy, but…let’s just say not all secrets remain secrets. I didn’t dare trust the enemy finding out about my absence.”

Mihai changed the subject.  Looking at Zadar and Darla’s attire, she commented, “It must have been some fancy gathering you two were at last night.”  She was justified in the statement, as the couple was dressed in sheer, silky, ankle-length garments.

Darla’s attire was more feminine in cut, gathered at the waist, accented by a diamond-studded belt.  It also had an open bodice, with golden lace sweeping down from her shoulders and around her exposed breasts, which refused to be hidden under her knee-length cape of woven silk, gold and silver.  A pair of white, laced sandals finished the woman’s apparel.  Her braided locks, although disheveled, were festooned with rings of diamond-studded gold.  With her dangly ear-fobs, three bejeweled gold necklaces and jingling anklets, she was quite an alluring sight.

Zadar’s garment was more like a long robe, and his ornaments simple, consisting of a finely braided gold chain necklace and a black onyx ring on his right hand.  He also sported a finely crafted timepiece on his waist-belt, while a jade brooch tied the two ends of his long, flowing cape together.

Zadar explained the party had been a reunion of sorts.  Some close acquaintances recently returned from a long sojourn in the Outer Ranges were celebrating the successes of their expedition.  Mihai then asked if the party was last evening, why were they still dressed in such garb so late the following morning? . . .

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