Friday, September 19, 2014

1-009, " . . . They Make Me Feel Sexy . . ."

Zadar leaned close, nuzzling against Mihai in a sensual embrace, and whispered romantically, “Because they make me feel sexy...”

Mihai pushed him away and laughed.  “Feel sexy?!  Zadar, you have never felt anything but sexy!  From the day of your coming of age, you have chased the ewe.  Your first lover surrendered you up to her sisters before your days with her were to end, worn out and in need of rest.  She said of you, ‘But for necessity of food and drink, we would have grown to the bed!’”

Zadar looked abashed, then grinned.  “That aside, these clothes can still make you feel...well...special.”  He put his arm around Mihai.  “The council isn’t going to assemble until evening.  Do you want to come with us to the Winter Gardens?  That’s where we are to join up with the others.  I’m sure we could find some brandy there...”

Merriment disappeared from Mihai’s face.  “It would be my greatest pleasure, but I must decline.”  She took Zadar’s hand. “I have some business to conclude this morning, having need to change out of this stodgy uniform and freshen up first.  May I walk with you to the palace?  We can talk along the way.”

Darla wrapped her hands around Mihai’s arm, while Zadar did the same with her other.  Darla made her ‘little girl face’, grinning in satisfaction.  “How sweet a walk it will be, too.”

Mihai thanked them both for their kindness and love, then glanced over at Darla’s dress and asked, “I know it’s such short notice, but can you manage to find me some clothes like yours for my morning’s business?  It would make me feel…feel like a woman again.”

Darla giggled with pleasure.  “For you, my sister, anything…anything at all.”


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