Friday, September 19, 2014

3-056, A Full Little Fellow

Ma-we leaned her head back, resting it against the chair.  She closed her eyes in silent ponderings, the crackling fire the only sound coming from within the tiny cabin.  Peeking out from its hiding place, the skittish mouse, overcome by hungry desire for more crumbles of cheese, chanced the moment, hurrying forth to abscond with another of the morsels scattered upon the floor.  If anyone heard, no one paid heed.  Cheeks full of rich reward, the little fellow happily scampered away to its hiding place.

At long last Ma-we took up the conversation.  “I have brought you here tonight for many reasons.  Some, as you know, are fraught with personal and selfish desires.  Still… had it not been for other more necessary ones, I would not have troubled a soul weighed down with the needs of the universe.  The future of all living things hinges upon decisions soon to be made.  I fear you, alone, will have the power to force those decisions onto the correct path.”

She sat forward, turning her chair so as to face Tolohe.  “I’m sorry.  Such a rude host, you know.  My mind’s been off in a fog.  Please, can I offer you something to warm your tired soul and feed a hungry belly?”

Tolohe smiled, nodding.  Soon there were hot cakes and jam, along with steaming jasmine sweet tea to tempt the palate.  As the newly appeared dishes ‘magically’ filled with sumptuous delights, the woman wryly commented,  “My powers are greatly diminished through this sickness of mine.  No longer can I conjure such a repast without the aid of machines made by ageless hands.  Little more than that cup could I produce for this meal.  The witchery of my mind, though, is still sharp and I can see deep into the hearts of space and time.”

Ma-we grinned reassuringly.  “My daughter shall be made new again, that I know.  For now, let us pretend… pretend that things are so different.  Now then, tell me of my concoction.  Does it titillate the senses as it once did?”

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