Friday, September 19, 2014

3-057, Greatest Witch Shares

Tolohe took the cup of hot brew, inhaling the delightful fragrance, a smile growing on her face, and then a sip.  “Ahhhh…you have outdone even yourself.  None better have I ever tasted in all my days.  You are the greatest witch of all, making the simplest things treasures to behold.”  She looked deeply into Ma-we’s eyes.  “You, Mother, make the best tea.  I do so miss it when I am away.”

Ma-we grinned again, lifting up her own cup.  “Then we shall drink it to the day when there will be no need for us to part!”

For a while the two became lost in innocent chatter, each one outdoing the other with rhyme and song, stories from happy days long forgotten.  The little mouse danced with glee at seeing the countless crumbs falling to the floor, a feast in the making.

At length the hour had come, the food consumed.  Ma-we’s face sobered, her dark thoughts harkening other speech.  “My dear child, there are many dangerous roads we must travel before innocence will again rule the worlds.”  She looked toward the fire, a newly placed log having freshly ignited the sparking flames.  “The Prisoner Exchange is but a few days future.  I do so wish your company at that time, but I know it is not possible.”

Tolohe nodded, asking for another cup of tea, she stalling for time.  As she stirred the fresh, hot brew, she asked, “So… do you intend to continue with your plan, even after the last council?”

Ma-we nodded.  “I can wait no longer.  I have seen into the demon’s mind and watched him stew in his anger.  I must force his hand now.”  She looked into Tolohe’s face, the age of troubled times reflecting on her own.  “It is no longer an issue of  ‘are we ready?’.  It matters not the cost to us… for it shall be high.  Chrusion must be made to move, show his hand in power.  He must be goaded into action before he is fully prepared.”

Tolohe studied her tea as if stirring it was most important.  After sniffing in the satisfying aroma, she quietly recommended, “May I suggest you take Tizrela and PalaHar with you as standard bearers?  Neither fears the ‘Worm’, each having contested against him on the field of honor.  They also understand the hour and the day, counting no guilt toward you, but hold themselves accountable for the evil that lives among us.”

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