Friday, September 19, 2014

3-063, Secrets Shared

Leaning forward, Tolohe asked, “So she keeps close in touch?”

“Oh, yes!”  Ma-we answered.  “Your brother’s war councils do not remain secret from my ears.  I have learned much about the coming Prisoner Exchange from my attentive daughter.”

“Meter?”  Tolohe asked.  “Why put her at such risk?  She is still mortal and inexperienced.  Have you no better ways to gather needed information?”

Ma-we pondered aloud.  “Risk?  Mortal?  Inexperienced?  Well yes, you might be correct, at least about the mortal part.  

Inexperienced and at risk…?  That I must argue.  First!  I do not put her in danger.  She is a creature of free will and chooses to do as she wants, merely delivering to me information pleasing to her.  And…”  She squinted, searching Tolohe’s eyes.  “The only danger is to Chrusion and his people
The child has powers greater than yours - many latent, for sure - but still sufficient to deal with the likes of those rabble.  Indeed, there has never been a child ever existed with greater glory than her… and those others I have delivered to these worlds.  But for now the glory remains to be found in my swords, new creations of untold strength and might.”

Leaning back in the chair, Ma-we sighed.  “Even as a mortal, there is no force to be found among the enemy that can stop my child.  Why, she could create heaps upon heaps of bodies should Chrusion’s elite guard attempt her capture.  That woman could walk through a company of his best like a whirlwind through a wheat field.  Only could Chrusion check her hand, and that because I have requested she not harm him.”

Lifting a hand in gesture, Ma-we offered more tea.  When the cups were full, she continued.  “As for the spying, I refuse to steal freedom even from the wicked.  I will not stoop to the loathsome antics as searching hidden rooms with my mind, nor steal another’s thoughts for my purposes, even if they are well intended.  The ends do not justify the means.  A game is a game and a riddle is a riddle.  No matter the cost, rules must be followed.  It is the root-law of freedom.”

Tolohe nodded agreement.

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