Friday, September 19, 2014

3-064, Prisoner Exchange Plans

Taking first a sip, Ma-we added, “It is by this ‘fly on the wall’ I have come to know many secrets, and, by law, I can use this information against him.  You will see him fail.  This Prisoner Exchange will not be to his liking.  What he learns there will set matters in motion that will force him to act prematurely, leading to his final defeat.”

The two lost themselves in discussion concerning the Prisoner Exchange, the latest council, the attitude of the children regarding the newcomers from the lower realms, and any pertinent gossip relating to current events.  Tolohe was not satisfied with the state of preparedness of the military, making recommendations while listening to several suggestions from her mother.  She was most attentive to Ma-we’s detailed account of Ardon’s actions regarding Darla, saying nothing for fear of stirring a troubled pot.

Finally, Ma-we revealed the real reasons for requesting Darla’s presence at the Prisoner Exchange, asking, “Was I remiss in pushing so?  Did I do the right thing?”

Tolohe defended her youngest sister.  “Darla will cause you no injury, but beware, she may well destroy herself should truth be twisted beyond reason.”  She shook her head.  “The child is a misfit, a queer thing, spooky, but she is not dangerous other than to herself.  I believe you have chosen wisely.  What this world needs are more like her.  Had she been a million, this war would never have begun.”

“At Memphis she saved more on that day than perished in fire and torture.  She held the gap –how, I do not know.  Against odds of a hundred-to-one, her band stole the enemy’s glory, surrendering up to him a hollow victory filled with his own countless dead.”  She clasped her hands, remembering,  “Twice I have carried her shattered body from the field, thinking the child dead.  At Fortress Mordem, we found her among the dead, nearly frozen, she refusing to abandon Depais’ body to the wolves and vultures.  We were forced to promise to gather the dead before she would abandon the field.”

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