Friday, September 19, 2014

3-065, The Bravest Soldier

Shaking her clasped hands while nodding, she added,  “Darla is an outstanding leader.  A shame she has never been recognized as such.  She is the bravest soldier I know, and smart.  Godenn underestimated her once and nearly lost his head for it.  If she survives this coming fury, may she be honored with the glory she deserves.”

Ma-we eyed Tolohe.  “She will survive!  Must!”  Then turning away toward the fire, added.  “As for the older councilors…Darla is not refined or smooth with diplomatic speech.  She speaks her mind when offered the moment.  Few of the oldest on the council have seen, first hand, the horrors of war, or have they smelled the distress of battle.  If they could witness her heroism, they might well feel different about her.”

Tolohe asked, curious, “So you have chosen to keep the child alive so that she cannot die?”

“Not I!”  Ma-we waved a hand.  “There are forces at work in this universe that even you have not come to fully understand.  You, the ‘child of the Cherubs’, should realize that I do not dictate law as some king or dictator would.  There are those whose council I even pay close heed to.”

“No, I fear not the loss of Darla’s body, but that of her mind.  The demon grows in might by the day, consuming more of the child’s mind into its own.  Already it has done lasting damage.  How much, I cannot tell.  When rid of that monster, she will be forever changed.  How much is for the future to tell.  At this time, I must set the wheels in motion that will bring to a finish what grows within.”

Concerned, Tolohe asked, “Is there no cure, other than a sojourn into damnation?”

“There has ever been only one other, and none of my daughters will release their control over that destiny long enough for me to bring it.”  Ma-we sadly shrugged.  “So it must be a journey into damnation to receive the cure.  But my child does not go alone.  Her friendly host is most caring.  Never has she been abandoned to the darkness…  Never will she.  Trust me… though heaven and earth should pass away, my girl’s rescue will arrive in time.”

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