Friday, September 19, 2014

3-071, Serpent Slave OR Dragon King???

Tipping her head back, Tolohe closed her eyes, sighing sadly, “Oh, but this stallion has a heart of both its mother and father, fire and ice, power and tenderness, rage and compassion, peace and tumult. . .

. . . Hidden in the self-doubt of a frightened sheep there dwells a demon-monster waiting to rise, it awaiting the day its power is unchained.  Dangerous he is.!  ‘King of the dragons’, ‘Lord’ of the gods… or slave of the ‘Serpent’, himself? We must wait to see.  Still… his scent excites me in ways long forgotten.  My heart is bound with his to our glory or our ruin.”

She leaned forward, clutching Ma-we’s arm, pleading, “The boy must not fail!  For shall that happen, then I wish no longer for life itself.”

Ma-we caressed her child’s hand.  “Death…?  Death is not yours to choose, for your fathers have purchased your soul and will do with it as they choose.  But this I do know:  I, too, trust in his success, but I have seen that in his glory will come your destruction.  In his hour of test, in his greatest victory, he will call out to a woman who will not heed your council, but will attempt a coup upon her brother.  A trap!  A trap, I say, has already been laid at his door.  Death to her is its intent.  You will not let that happen… for my sake… and the blow will fall upon you.”

Ma-we slowly shook her head, the tears falling.  “To save my Michael, you must die.”

Tolohe bowed her head in silence.  At long last, she whispered, “He will succeed.  There is nothing else for it… or all heaven and earth shall pass away.”

Ma-we smiled, wiping the tears from her eyes.  She finally asked as though speaking to herself,  “So…has it come to this?  The future existence of all my worlds depends upon the loyal love of a child not yet grown from his teens?  We risk everything on the merits of a good heart borne along by a free will of a wild stallion let loose upon the torrid field, trusting that he will act in wisdom when his hour of darkness falls instantly upon him?”

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