Friday, September 19, 2014

3-072, Freedom's Needs!

Turning to stare into the crackling blaze, Ma-we pondered the coming hour when all of her works hung upon such an uncertain thread.  It was all or nothing…always had been…but never violently exposed and violated to be spoken of with such openness.  Still, it was the truth, the only way to bring absolution to the argument that she – Ma-we – was not wicked in the way she had made her children.  Freedom must win!  And she must prove that her way was the solution to bring real freedom.

Looking back into Tolohe’s passionate eyes, Ma-we softly pronounced her willingness to stay the course at all cost.  “Then so be it!”

Ma-we quickly changed the subject.  “As I have said, Michael has accepted the kingship and will wield the King’s swords until he arrives.  Because of this, I find myself in a most peculiar position in which there is need of your assistance.  I have a most serious request.”

Tolohe bowed low, looking up and into her mother’s eyes.  “Why do you need to make request?  To my dying breath, all that I have is yours for the taking.”

After showing her gratitude with a kiss, Ma-we asked, “Please sit up and become my steward at this time.  The hour of the prophets draws ever closer and battle, this time, shall ruin all my wonderful works.  Indeed!  My womb shall cry out for its children who lay slain like fallen chaff upon an overripe field of grain.  My grand ballrooms will become the lurking place of the dust mite.  The spider will weave its tapestry across the doorposts of many great palaces that will echo only the sound of the fruit bat as it seeks refuge from the sun.  It is a bitter hour.  Who will survive?”

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